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Changes To Gold Pass

Hey Chief,

We wanted to share with you some changes that will affect the Gold Pass. Starting July 1st the price of the Gold Pass will increase to a base price of $6.99US, not including any local taxes or currency conversion rates for your region. With this price increase there will be many new perks that will make the Gold Pass still the best value for fast forwarding your progress in Clash of Clans!


More Tiers = More Rewards
  • There are now 40 Tiers of rewards in the Gold Pass, however, the number of points required to reach the last tier has not increased. This means you’ll unlock more rewards, perks, and cosmetics more frequently!
  • Every month the Gold Pass will feature all 5 Runes as part of the reward track!
  • The Gem cost to complete each tier has been reduced from 100 Gems to 90 Gems per tier.
  • The free Silver track rewards have been increased from 15 tiers to 20 free rewards.


Builder Bank
  • We are introducing a new Builder Bank that will allow you to earn even more Builder Resources. For every Builder Base attack you perform, any Builder Gold earned will be added to your Builder Bank. Additionally, any Builder Elixir you earn for defending your Builder Base will also be added to your Builder Bank.
  • Your Builder Bank’s storage capacity can be upgraded by unlocking tiers in the Gold pass, allowing you to store even more Builder loot from your battles.


Season Bank Multiplier

Both the Season Bank for your Home Village and the new Builder Bank will each have their own multiplier perk as part of the Gold Pass and will drastically increase the amount of loot you can save up each season.

Unlocking this perk for your Home Village will give you a 2X multiplier for your Season Bank. This means 2X the amount of loot you plunder from your opponents will be added to your Season Bank.

With the addition of the new Builder Bank, unlocking the Builder Bank multiplier perk will give you a 4X multiplier making earning loot each season even easier!


Increased Season Bank Capacity

We’ve increased the storage capacity of the Home Village Season Bank where the maximum tier has been increased by an additional 5M Gold/5M Elixir/50K Dark Elixir.

The max Season Bank storage capacity is now:

  • Base capacity: 5M Gold/5M Elixir/50K Dark Elixir
  • 1st upgrade: 10M Gold/10M Elixir/100K Dark Elixir
  • 2nd upgrade: 15M Gold/15M Elixir/150K Dark Elixir
  • 3rd upgrade: 20M Gold/20M Elixir/200K Dark Elixir
  • Final level: 30M Gold/30M Elixir/300K Dark Elixir


Auto Forge Slot Perk

The Forge is a great place to spend your extra Resources and convert them into Capital Gold, the currency used to upgrade your Clan Capital. With the new Auto Forge perk, a new Forge slot will appear when you unlock it from your Gold Pass. Not only will using this slot require 50% less resources to convert them to Capital Gold, it does not require the use of an available Builder!



All of these changes will go live when the July Gold Pass becomes available on July 1st and makes the Gold Pass better than ever. Upgrading your Home Village, Builder Base, and Clan Capital has never been easier and we can’t wait for you to start earning those new rewards!

Clash On!